One-of-a-kind terrariums made from liquor bottles we salvaged from local restaurants. Ready for you to fill. Perfect for succulents and kitchen gardens!


*** Our terrariums and planters have drainage! ***

Other upcycled planters require you to add sand or gravel to drain the soil, but ours has built in drainage! Drainage is very important to the health of your plant because it prevents root rot from soil that stays too wet, for too long.


Our products are handcrafted from repurposed bottles salvaged from local restaurants. We cut, grind, and polish the glass with professional glassworking tools. 


Some of our bottles may have "character marks" from their first life, including small nicks or scrapes on the labels. They are all thoroughly washed, clean, and safe.

Cheers and thanks for checking us out!

Succulent Planter in Upcycled Liquor Bottles, with Drainage | Terrariums