Beautiful natural soy wax poured in upcycled beer bottles we collected from local restaurants.


Each candle is between 8-10 oz. We professionally cut the glass with an MK 101 diamond saw and smooth the edges with a specially designed wet sander.


All of our bottles have really cleaned up since their boozy days at the bar (we wash them thoroughly). They may still have some marks left over from their first life, including small nicks on the labels, but we don't think of these as flaws. We think their history gives them character!


Check out the video in this listing to see our crafting process. Thank you for supporting our store!


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My dad, Andy, has always kept a little flower patch at our place on Sunset View Farm in New Jersey. One year my mother Linda suggested he put some Zinnias out on our farm stand to see if they would sell (she knew they would!)


Dad arranged his first bunches of flowers in vases made out of recycled wine bottles that he cut himself in the kitchen, thinking he'd sell a couple bouquets a week. People couldn't get enough!


Five years later,  we've grown quite a bit. not only sell summer flowers at our roadside stand, we also offer hand-cut wine bottle vases, soy candles in upcycled liquor bottles, and a variety of other crafts year-round. The family business has grown to include Dad, Mom, brothers Dan and John, and best friend Sean.


We've been blessed to share our beautiful farm with many people over the years, and we're glad to include you, too.


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Soy Candles in Upcycled Beer Bottles