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We believe businesses do better when we work together, so we're always open to new partnerships that help all of us go farther. We ask a lot of questions, and in return, we're happy to share what we know. Feel free to check out our resources section.

If you have a project idea, a question about our process, or just want to say hi - send us an email.


Below are people and businesses who have helped us at some point in our journey. We are happy to recommend them to anyone who asks. Please use their services!

Sunset View Farm

John and Dan's parents  provided the initial idea for our company. They still supply us with cut flowers in season and homegrown tubers and seeds year-round!



Based in Rochester, New York, our friend Michelle and her team make these ridiculously cute plushies from salvaged materials!



Jason Weinpel, founder of Gimbal.and.Drone, made us an awesome product video. Check him out for drone photography, video design, and promo videos for your business!


Hilly's Photos

Clint Hill has taken fantastic photos of our farm over the years. For photography in Sussex County, NJ, check him out!